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DBFree is a framework for web applications built on top of the xBase MaxScript Interpreter, featuring a scriptable programming language inspired by CA-Clipper, dBASE and FoxPro suitable for use inside web pages.

DBFree offers in a single package everything you need to run server-based, database driven web applications from the cloud, from a dedicated server or from your own home PC.

DBFree is a free and open-source project. It can be used to make commercial web applications based on the freeware MaxScript Interpreter and the universal DBF data format.

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Latest news 04-02-15

The new collection Codebay V4 is now available: visit the CODE section. Collection is started now and will (hopefully) grow in the future. Donate your code and help us to make it reacher. (More news)

DBFree overview

DBFree is a software suite for web applications that includes a webserver, a database engine and an xBase interpreter.

DBFree runs on Microsoft Windows® 7/8/2008/2012 and offers a out-of-the-box solution for running a fully fledged web site that can be exposed publicly on internet by using your home PC and residential ADSL line.

You can also set DBFree to run on other webservers like WebMatrix, IIS7, Xitami 2.5, Apache 2.x, Mongoose Pro or the bundled Civetweb.
DBFree is aimed to developers with some xBase or procedural programming background but also to beginners willing to enter the world of web applications by learning xBase, one of the easiest yet powerful scripting language ever appeared over the years.

DBFree is tailored to business-oriented, database-driven web applications either for desktops and for mobile devices with a screen size as small to 4 inches.
DBFreeV4 introduces the new dbApps mode, beside classical procedural programming, HTML (ASP-like) authoring and AJAX/Json techniques. dbApps greatly simplify the process of produce web applications. More info on dbApps

DBfree GUI interface:

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DBFree is completely contained into a single folder to make it fully portable, does not need installation, does not use cookies neither accesses Windows registry.
DBFree comes just ready to run out of the box.
DBFree does not rely on a proprietary RAD environment: you can use your own or install Microsoft Expression Web4 for FREE (Full version).

An example of script:

DBFree relies on MaxScript which is a modern implementation of xBase to be used into web pages.But how does it look MaxScript code? Here it is an example of a complete page:

<!DOCTYPE html><html><%
xcLib := mspconfigvar("SETLIB")
set maxlib to &xcLib
set dbtype to DBASE

//-- open database
cDbPath := setDB3("demo")
cTable  := cDbPath + "customers.DBF"
use (cTable) alias MASTER

//-- show first 100 records
rrr := 0
do while not eof() and rrr < 100

Live demos

Port from DBFree 1.7

Revamp your old MaxsScript apps!

Same dbApp we use for our news
Notice board 4
Test it and if you like it just get it!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Did you know?
DBFree is part of a larger family of products:
Scripts, dbApps and modules developed for DBFree can be used with little or no modifications with other Maxsis products, making easy to scale from personal to commercial applications and cloud-based heavy-load solutions

For everyone and ready out-of-the-box. Runs a single web site.
Open Source + Freeware
For experienced users, multiple web sites sharing same database, tuned for IIS7.5 and Windows Server 2008/2012
For the professionals: build your own data center! Run tens or hundreds of web sites.
MaxScript compiler for building your own libraries

An example of usage for DBFree?

This site has been made with DBFree and is actually running on DBWeb on Amazon EC2 Cloud servers along with other 1500 MaxScript-powered web sites

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